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We purchased our precious Max from you in late January 2011. When we first saw Max…it was love at first sight! He is the sweetest, smartest most lovable puppy we have ever seen! We took him to the vet the day after we purchased him and he received a healthy report! We had him housetrained within the first week. He will go to the door and scratch at it when he needs to go outside. He has already learned to sit. We love our new family member! We appreciate you welcoming us to your home and farm. All your dogs were beautiful, well cared for and had great manners. In a few years, I plan on purchasing another puppy from you all for my new grandbaby! Thank you for our Max!

Billy, Candi and Connor

Gracie is a wonderful puppy, and has trained well and is a loving wonderful addition to our family. She is also very pretty. Thanks so much!

Bruce & Lesa

We purchased a golden from you that will be 2 years old in March. She is the sweetest, most lovable dog I have ever had. She is smart and loves to play. She smiles and has to be in the room with you all the time. She doesn’t like to go outside much, even if her brother (we also have a wonderful collie) goes out for a while. She will grab your sleeve to let you know she wants you to love on her. She takes the pillows from the couch to bring to you as a gift from her. Thank goodness they are washable! I just wanted to drop you a short email to let you know how much we enjoy our Katie.

Russell and Tika

Hi! I bought my dog Cali from you in May of 2008, daughter of Samsun and Goldie. Just wanted to send you some pictures (long overdue) and to thank you for this amazing dog. She is super smart, full of energy and personality!! In a few years we might be back for a brother or sister :) Rachel

Hello Brooks Family!

We just wanted to send you some updated pics of Ryder so you could see how much he has grown. He is a wonderful dog and we are just crazy about him. Thanks so much!

Lesa & Gary

London, KY

Lexi is doing wonderful. She is such a

sweetheart and a blessing to our family.

Keith and Lisa

Sadie is doing great and I thought I would send you pictures of our wonderful dog! Please give Buckshot and Josie a hug for us and tell them they have a wonderful daughter!!!


Its Geena from KY I bought a puppy from you in spring 2010. She is so amazing we love her so much she is the best dog iv ever owned. Very smart, but she does like to play deff some time!


I thought you might like to see what has become of Teddie. You all delivered her to me in April 2010 to Knoxville. She is a delight! Obedience classes and puppy bootcamp has paid off. She had to sit and stay several times during the August 2 hour photo shoot. We are using photos of Teddie to brand our practice. She will soon appear on a billboard.

I wasn't sure I could love her as much as I did my Lab, but Teddie is firmly ensconced in our hearts.


We had a great experience with Karen. She met us halfway to pick up the puppy, and was very caring and considerate. Now we have a great puppy with an awesome temperament and couldn't be happier! He is not skiddish at all, is very curious and a quick learner. At Karen's request, we took him to the vet right after we got him for a check-up. He got an A+ and charmed all the ladies there! We love our new addition and would definitely recommend Karen to anyone looking for a golden puppy. Thanks so much!

Martene & Chris

She is really a beautiful dog. She has lots of energy and is very playful (hard to believe there was ever a concern here :-)). Her favorite games are tug of war and fetching, as well as rearranging the laundry and rug surfing. She is smart and affectionate, and loves to be in constant physical contact. She has really ingrained herself as a great family member. We started her basic obedience training early and just advanced to professional training with Nashville K-9. The trainer was impressed with how eager she is to please and how quickly she picks up on commands. Thanks so much.


David & Leslie


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