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Brooks Royal Gunner aka Gunner Boy

We are deeply saddened to publish that Gunner passed away 12/22/12. We are very blessed to have had 13.5 yrs. with him. R.I.P. Ol boy. You will always have a special place in our hearts!

Gunner is an awesome family member. 

Our stud, Gunner, has over 60 Championships/OFA included in his 6 generation pedigree, with both parents having OFA clearances. His bloodlines range from the U.S., England, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. He has the most loyal, laid back personality. Loves to please and is always happy. His favorite trick is playing dead after being shot! Smart is an understatement when it comes to him. He seems to understand us when we speak to him. He has proven himself over the years to have sired some excellent dogs! We are very proud of our Gunner and we hate to see him grow old. Your the "man" Gunner and we love you deeply! :)

                        07/17/99-12/22/12 RIP ol boy.

You will forever be in our hearts! 


BROOKS ROYAL BUCKSHOT-aka Buck......... RIP ol boy 2019 forever in our hearts

Buckshot is Gunner's son that we kept from a litter a few years ago so we could always carry on Gunner's awesome Championship bloodline that has over 60 Championships/OFA , with both grandparents having OFA clearances. Bloodlines range from the U.S., England, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.

Buck has an incredible personality, sweet diposition, and loves any and all the attention you are willing to give. He is full of energy and loves to play with any chicken, guinea and/or cat that comes into his pen!!! (They don't seem to think it is too much fun though!) His favorite toy is his tennis ball and boy can he run fast!!!! He also likes to play chase with the pet goat. It is funny to watch them, but our "special needs" goat is not laughing!.

He minds well and he seems like he too can tell exactly what I am saying. Buck is a blessing and such a dear, but when the girls are in heat, Samsun is not the president of of his fan club! :)

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