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BROOKS' ROYAL RUBY aka Ruby - dark golden /rust

Ruby is our dark golden..She is a small golden, about 50lbs, but can throw some fat puppies! I must say she is a very loving mother.

Ruby is very precious, mild mannered, loving and minds me very well, most of the time. :)

Ruby doesn't mind that I love on her babies as long as there is enough love for her. Ruby has a loving heart, but really likes to chase cats!! She loves to watch the birds & squirrels but realize every now and then it would be alot more fun to chase them! Just like the rest of the Brooks' Golden family, the retriever is coming out. Kind of hard to get mad at them.........;)


Liz is the beautiful daughter of Samsun. We kept her so we could carry on his bloodline. Liz listens well, plays well,minds very well, thinks she is human but can chase a chicken or quinea like none other. Liz seems to think the rules don't apply to her and she can walk all over the house. Remind you, we do not allow our goldens upstairs, just in the basement area. Well, when she gets the notion that she needs a hug, head pat, or even a snack, here she comes. All we have to say is "downstairs" and with head hung low, she makes her way back down. She wants to be with us and thinks we always want her in our lap. She is precious and has turned out to be an excellent mother!!! We are very proud of her. 

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